Niña is the main character in a one shot comics that I have been slowly conceptualising which is called “Mercedita”. Yesterday I finished my thumbnails for the 10 page comics which turned out to be a bit more tricky than I expected. Here is the art style that I’m  planning to use for my comic. What do you think? It’s a mix of style from Takehiko Inoue’s Vagabond and Taga-ilog’s Pasig as well as Tabi-po by Melvin Malonso.  I’m so hyped to finish this before the holiday ends!



diary of jane

diaryofjane sketch

diary of jane by breaking benjamin


79: girls


what can i say…? project for uni?


69: it may have been

Hi guys! I’ve just finished my first wordpress cmi website and I thought I’d share some of the sketches and doodles that I made before I started designing the mock-up and coding it in html and css. 😀


You can see how the sketches were applied in the development of the mock-up.

It would be great if you can drop by itmayhavebeenshop and leave some comments and suggestion about the design and /or on how I can imporve it better, especially with my jquery gallery and navigation 🙂

67:elias wip

Screen Shot 2013-04-13 at 9.50.55 AM

progress is slow but i’m learning a lot from this new technique…. yey!

i’ve been designing heaps of branding and graphic stufff so maybe i’ll post about them here for you guys. But not entirely sure since this is supposed to be a doodle blog. IDK!


65: hushpuppy


You there…yes you, who is reading this post, please stop now. And watch the Beast of the Southern Wild movie instead. Ready? Go! 😀


50: Silhouettes

bluecharaIf I ever skipped a day, i might be working on an artwork so check out my deviantart here… Whatever you draw, the colour blue always make it cool. haha. HAHA. dry humor.


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