83: more than words




76: jon,alexis and ella

Curtin’s illustration club first sketch meet. HOORAYY~ ella jon and alexis

75: yanyan zap

yanyan zap!

Robert Crumb/Zap comix inspired self protrait.

I was laughing so hard while drawing this.

75: ruby

Some drawings from last week’s Dr Sketchy. I want to upload more stuff sooon yay
ruby 2 ruby 3 ruby 1

53: Dancers

balletLike martial artists, dancers also have beautiful and graceful bodies and it is always a delight to draw them and capture their movements and energy.


50: Silhouettes

bluecharaIf I ever skipped a day, i might be working on an artwork so check out my deviantart here… Whatever you draw, the colour blue always make it cool. haha. HAHA. dry humor.


43: Pilow



Sadly, there isn’t enough time to do this short animation about Pilow and my sister’s really great character. Only three days left before uni begins. I might post Pilow’s storyboard later…probably do an animatic later(kyaaaa!) Have a good friday 🙂

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