I’m moving to yanyandf.com

Hey guys! I’ve set up a new blog in wordpress.org in my privately hosted website yanyandf.com.  It’s coming along nicely with some of my portfolio pieces uploaded for viewing. Currently, I am planning to redirect smalldoodlewithgreatlove blog to my new website’s blog page. Letting go of this blog and starting something all over again is extremely difficult; it’s like going to school really early, then halfway in the road you remember you left your project on the table then had to go back all the way home to get it. It’s frustrating and it’s really scary. Although I would not be taking down this website, I would be redirecting the url to my new website. A really huge thank you for everyone who supported this blog; you are all very special and had been my huge inspiration in my creative pursuit. It’s been a long but happy struggle. Let me just say: The end is only the beginning. I hope to see you all in my new website!



Mercedita OC



Hey guys! It’s been a while and I’m itching to post stuff here but my internet is really bad. *SOB* #firstworldproblem.

Anyway, here’s the opening page for my comic Mercedita. The first one is my first attempt at tone, ink and rendering. After a great feedback session from my wonderful Curtin Illustration Club members, voila !  The best render I did yet for a comic!

I’d like to share some of the points that were pointed out during our feedback session:

1. Font size! I changed the 9pt to 6pt that looks just about right in print size (approx A5 size page).

2. Gray Scales! Taking advantage of different grayscales to render faraway objects and to separate background from word balloons and characters

3. Black Ink! Our eyes tend to focus on the black, so I inked my characters which I was feeling lazy to do and it was worth it. Also, the trees were standing out too much so I used grayscale tone to make them subtle and blend them in the background.

And so far that’s all I could remember. Fingerscrossed I could finish in time to print and sell in Supanova…. >_<

Happy comic making weekend!


first render = fail



2nd render = kawai <3<3

New year new comic!

After struggling with the script for the myth of Mercedita, and after a number of revisions of thumbnails, I finally summed up courage to draft the comic pages. Here’s my Mercedita comic in it’s full rawness and loose form. First day of 2014 will be inking these babies! YAY Start the year right with comics.

mercedita draft-0mercedita draft-1mercedita draft-2mercedita draft-3mercedita draft-4

Also here’s an image of the unfinished script that helped me arrange my thoughts and ideas about the story.

Screen Shot 2013-12-31 at 9.37.27 PM

24hdc: no entry

Finished my first 24h comic! AYAYAY not sure how to submit this. they only say to post online.  Time for some sleep….zzzz

Started at 12am oct 5 until 8pm.

imma get that cap

Screen Shot 2013-07-31 at 1.16.56 AM

why always wearing cap ricky? what’re you hiding huh? (So much story to tell, so little time. SIGH)


Cash Converter is EVIL

I don’t think this small doodle is filled with love. It is filled with resentment.
My heart is still broken about the bad stuff they sold to me.

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