42: Immigration Nation


So I was cleaning my dusty table covered in all sorts of papers, cobwebs, stuff and I found some old sketchbooks and drawings… This sketch is part of a dossier for a unit called Senses of Place when I was a first year. I drew it in response to this documentary of SBS about the history of immigration in australia and about the white australian policy. Really interesting, controversial and eye opener. Explains why I still meet racist people in trains, bus, public places, anywere.


41: Neneng – OC


One of my old character, Neneng. Gawd i miss her. Currently working more on this sketch cause i love it….Neneng’s so adorable Gosh…. >_<

40: On a broom

witchI’ve always fancied riding on a broomstick. I’m trying to do a decent colored stuff but it’s not going well…:(  my colouring skills got blunt when I was doing black and white stuff…SAD SAD..should. work. ON. IT. Happy weekend everyone!


39: Selfless portrait

randomspeedy sketch for selflessportraits, try checking it out. fuunn

38: feline fun

felines feb 21

Most fun and elegant animal to skeeeeetch!! Try it while drawing from elbows white keeping your hand/wrist still.


37: environment studies

environtment studies

So I was reading and studying lots of tutorial about environment design and finally got myself to try it. FUN FUN!!

Check them out, they’re really good tutorials! >>> Foervraengd.


36: Saki



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