Ants 2


Happy Holidays everyone!

Ants 1 is here yey



Gin and Hotaru

gin hotaru

Back to doodling! The world is not in vain!

Characters from Hotarubi no Mori e, so far the second saddest anime movie that I watched since the Grave of the Fireflies. Someday I’ll make a better fan art for this couple. 😀



Nena Flash

nena mouth movements

Yesterday I finally got the courage to make a character and animate it in flash! The short demo is here. YAY

I’m still thingking what technique to use in animation. Using shapes and lines are quick to animate but they look really stiff ans some shape doesn’t tween very well. Drawing frame by frame is time consuming but it also gives more details and control to the character’s movement/personality.

But it was fun! I got hooked all daaaaay.

YEY!  Next time i’ll try this technique.


nun study

Screen Shot 2012-12-17 at 11.28.47 AM

I made a video in school about a scary nun that appears in the school toilet and this is one of the first study I made.

You can check the video here.

I’m not very satisfied with it but making it was enjoyable and I learned new stuff.


struggling with oil paint


I’ve been trying to finish this family portrait for a really long while but I always get intimidated and I worry that I could not paint properly.

I keep watching tutorials from this awesome person David Gray here. He is really good check out his website. Hopefully I can paint like him someday. And I want my own garage full of paintings just like his. 🙂




Good day! Thank you for dropping by my site. I was drawing non-stop yesterday and here are some initial development of my drawings. The illustrations are based from a story written by a 10 year old girl about her new born baby. It so cute and lovely and mushy and sisterly. This is a part of the lovely and enthusiastic personal art team. YEYEY!cover 6

Thanks again and check out more of personal art stuff in our website.


for friends 2.3

Can’t wait to finish all of them! Funky colours are awesome.

cyan magenta bayabas red

Eat dinner now. 🙂


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