Comics Draft yay!

Last night I sarted sketching out drafts for my comics about Perla. YAY I’m so happy.



im having a hard time with the proportions of the grandfather. 😦



That’s all for now. Thank you for dropping by.


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  1. Brett Williams
    Nov 29, 2012 @ 12:18:07

    Love it! Sometimes seeing the process involved in drawing a strip is just as or even more interesting than the final product.


    • yanyandf
      Nov 29, 2012 @ 19:40:29

      thank you brett! i’m really happy you appreciate my comic drafts 🙂 filling in the paper is the most dificult but is also where I generate more ideas so I really love this part of the process. Thanks again!! Cheers


  2. Meimei Villanueva
    Nov 29, 2012 @ 19:33:52

    Hey Marian! Surprise! Surprise! I’ve known you since forever but right now I am at a loss for words. I really love your blog and it’s nice to know that you continue to improve – especially your penciling. I see you choose Pilipinas as the setting of your story. Although Filipino comic artists are very talented they do not receive the support they usually need but I am sure you will not be hindered by that. Just draw, draw and draw! Know that I am so proud of you. 🙂

    By the way the fifth installment of Trese is already out.


    • yanyandf
      Nov 29, 2012 @ 19:36:54

      oh my glob meimei! i wuv youu!!! thank you! thank you! HUGS!! you made my night! yeey!! i’ll definitely continue our dream since grade school and keep drawing! hope you’ll join me soon! Superhugs!! KYAAA TRESE!! ❤ ❤


  3. Meimei Villanueva
    Nov 29, 2012 @ 20:21:18

    Unfortunately as much as I want to I can’t anymore. I can’t even find the time to practice. My hands are much more accustomed to a calculator than to a pencil now. But who knows? Maybe in the distant future we’ll meet again 🙂 Me a certified public accountant, you a kick-ass illustrator. As cheesy and cliche as this may sound, go, chase, grab on to the dreams of the two naive yet determined little girls who used to be us. Now they are you. Haha. I’ll hold you to it! [Grabe!] Inspire and keep being inspired!


  4. yanyandf
    Nov 29, 2012 @ 20:50:47

    aww meimei hugs!!
    leave it to me bff!! i'll chase the dreams of those little girls!


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