Signal to Noise Ratio


I’d like to share some of the initial studies that I made for my wierd graphic novel about the universal principle of design: signal to noise ratio, which is my final  project for Digital Design Studio Unit 272 in Curtin. You can read it here in my deviantart. YAY!

The story goes like this:

The Peaceful progress of humanity is threatened by the confusion of Noise.
It is now up to Signal and the Princples to bring back clarity and concision.


Signal is the main character of my story. He is mysterious and silent but gentle and thoughtful.


These are the other Principles of Design. From R-L: Garbage in and Garbage out, Chunking, Layering, Constraint, Pathway. The first 2 little guys at the bottom were not used, only the 3rd one who is Accessibility.


These are rough storyboard sketches to get an overall view of the art style and composition that I want to achieve.

I was really happy with the ideas that I came up with. Although at first I was struggling and I couldn’t come up with a good project brief for my final project. If you want to read the final comic please go to my deviantart page. Thank you!

I hope you enjoyed my doodles for today! See you 😀


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. foresterartist
    Nov 14, 2012 @ 13:13:17

    I like the feel of your sketches.


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