start again

Hi there. It’s been a while since I posted anything here. I guess I was too busy with other stuff in school like graphic design and coding jquery and hanging out with friends. Maybe I’ll post here the graphic novel I did for school too. 😀

Enjoy my humble sketches.  😀


These soldiers are from a game posters I draw while watching walking dead which I think is starting to get boring with too much drama. Come on, where are the zombie action?

I think this is from a Spielberg movie…Ah- Super 6?

And the above sketch is my messy corner table. Good news: I cleaned it up last week. YEY!

This is my shared bedroom with my sisters. She’s the one sitting infront of a laptop. My four little brothers like to hang out in our room most of the time.
I like doing anatomy practice (with photoreference) with pen as a breather before doing any serious project in school like writing project briefs and rationale.

These sketches are fun and I think some are way back from september. I havent drawn any serious artwork for a while now…it’s bothering me

I hope you enjoyed. See you later!


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