more vagabond sketches


Have some more vagabond sketches. 



Later guys. 


Comics Draft yay!

Last night I sarted sketching out drafts for my comics about Perla. YAY I’m so happy.



im having a hard time with the proportions of the grandfather. 😦



That’s all for now. Thank you for dropping by.


I finally gathered some courage to draw some characters from Vagabond written by Takehiko Inoue, a really great, talented, genius artist. I may sound bias but he’s really  a master! His techniques with cross hatching and brush are absolute brilliant. He makes every character beautiful, even the ones that look bad, even the old people and the NOSE. Oh my god he draw noses that are really pretty like cupcakes. Definitely google him!


sasaki kojiro (long hair) and Shinjiro(bandana)

Until next time!

Day out!

I spend the afternoon with new friends in a really lovely park today.


It’s good to get away from the desk and computer to refresh the senses. It got me really inspired. Try it too guys. Have a long walk in the park and sit on the grass.
Until next time. Ciao 😀

Some stuff I did in School

Hello!! It’s been a while. I thought I’d share some really fun stuff I was doing in school!

Yay Typography! I was playing with stuff like fire and baby powder. Such fun times. 😀ImageImageImage

I hope you liked them! Later guys. 😀

Missed the stop

I tried to make a comic! HAHA fail but it was fun and a good stress reliever. Do it!Image

I love pencil

I love drawing with pencils. I love the sound of strokes on the paper. I love the textures that it makes and the smudges on my hand. Everyone should love pencils!


still need a lot of refinement on this one


Im enjoying the 30 sec drawing exercise in posemaniacs. Everyone should do it!

And i’m starting the family portrait commission atlast! WHOOO! I cant wait to paint with oils again. Muwahahaha! 

Everyone should try painting with oils! See you. 😀

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