Float at the Sea

float at the sea


Goodbye HDD

goodbye hdd

I was lamenting.

I am still lamenting.

My external hard drive filled with love had passed away.

But I still hope to recover it.

This Monay, I will.




first webinar i joined

I attended a webinar about how to work at home.

Run for the Bus!

I forgot how tired I was.
I forgot my bulky lady bug backpack.
I forgot the sands in my chucks.
I ran for the bus.

Bloated Face

bloated face
A small doodle filled with love of sleep that caused bloated face.

New Room New Stuff

new room new stuff
I love our new room. I finally have a shelf for our beloved books and a nice spacious table for my laptop and printer.
Before I never had the courage to buy these things and was always complaining about their price. But I realized that to produce more and better quality artworks, I should invest for the right tools.
lez get drawing!

Cash Converter is EVIL

I don’t think this small doodle is filled with love. It is filled with resentment.
My heart is still broken about the bad stuff they sold to me.

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